Pikes Peak

Each year more than half a million people visit the summit of Pikes Peak, which sits 14,115 feet above sea level. The new Summit Complex replaces the existing Pikes Peak Summit House and features an immersive visitor experience. The new facility was designed so that visitors can focus on the beauty, richness, and scenery of America’s Mountain, with multi-media exhibits to tell the story and history of the mountain and enhance the experience.

Started in June of 2018, the complex took three years to complete. With a short work season atop the mountain (late spring to late fall, weather permitting), each day’s shift was shortened to keep workers safe from the effects that can be suffered at altitude. GE Johnson started the project by relocating the central utility plant, blasting, and moving dirt and massive boulders for the foundation of the new Visitors Center. These materials were stored on site for reuse, with limited laydown areas.